What Happened to 3Balls? Golfers Beware

3balls - What happened

In the dynamic world of golf retail, the merger between 3Balls and Global Golf marks a significant milestone. It is not merely a business transaction; it’s a fusion of two entities with a shared vision to redefine the golf shopping experience. This strategic move aims to streamline operations, enhance customer service, and offer a more … Read more

Is Golf Fun? 11 Things That Make It A Super Enjoyable Sport

Delightful aspects of golf

Let’s talk about golf. Imagine being outside on a beautiful day, feeling the breeze, and spending time with friends or family. Golf encourages being outside, thinking smart, and having a good time. It’s a sport where every shot counts and every day is different. But, what exactly makes it so enjoyable? Here are 11 reasons … Read more

11 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kids Playing Golf

kids golf swing

As a parent, I’ve always been on the lookout for activities that can shape my child’s growth in meaningful ways. One unexpected gem that I stumbled upon is golf. Yes, you heard it right – golf, the sport that’s often associated with green fairways and quiet concentration.  But let me tell you, there’s so much … Read more